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Corrina Connor

One of the interesting people I follow on Twitter is Laurence Raw, a member of the English Faculty at Baskent University in Turkey. He has written extensively on adaptation and the discipline of adaptation studies in a variety of texts including Adapting Henry James to the Screen: Gender, Fiction, and Film, and Adapting Nathaniel Hawthorne to the Screen: Forging New Worlds, as well as contributing much other work on cultural studies. He maintains a website, Radio Drama Reviews and has an active presence on Academia.Edu and Twitter. I was interested particularly in a recent short post of his about academic conferences called, appropriately, ‘Why We Go to Conferences‘. Some of the trends in conference-going that Raw cites are not new, as anybody who has read David Lodge’s Campus Trilogy will recognise certain forms of behaviour typical of the scholarly eminences  or the aspiring eminences. Raw mentions…

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